Coronavirus Impact
And Response 2

Your wellbeing is our priority during this global crisis.



COVID-19 has presented all of us with an incredible challenge.  Beyond the already worrisome threat of illness, there’s the financial disruption that we’re all feeling.  Jobs have been changed dramatically or lost outright.  Businesses have shuttered.  Services have slowed.    

If that were troubling enough, this pandemic has been much tougher on the elderly and frail, especially when a loss of a spouse is experienced.  

That’s why we want you to know that you’re not alone. 

Wings for Widows is here to support you through the challenges ahead.  Our volunteers and team of financial coaches are available to help.  If you have lost a spouse during the pandemic, there is much work ahead to do.  And nobody is more experienced to help you than our dedicated team members. 


First things first – everyone here at Wings for Widows is wishing you the very best of health and safety at this difficult time. 

Beyond the threat of illness, this pandemic is creating incredible emotional strain and financial worry.  We understand how frightening and uncertain life seems right now as our country takes unprecedented action to respond.” 



Centers for Disease Control and Prevention | Coronavirus Information
Get up-to-date information on the virus from the CDC, including best practices for preventing its spread. – Coronavirus Tax Relief
Bank of America advises any customers who require assistance as a result of this outbreak to call the number on their statement and speak to a Bank of America representative directly.

US Government Response
Learn about the types of assistance the federal government offers people and businesses affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Federal Trade Commission (FTC) – Scam Alerts
The FTC is responsible (in part) for investigating scams. As newly reported scams appear, they’ll add those scams to their running list. 

Psych Hub – COVID-19 Mental Health Resources
This pandemic is a uniquely challenging moment in time for all of us. Between the fear of illness, the stress of isolation, and the growing financial uncertainty, it’s incredibly important that we don’t lose sight of our mental wellness.  These free resources from Psych Hub are a good place to start.
The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) maintains a list of COVID-19-related resources and updates.  

CFPB – Credit Reporting Updates
The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau recently released credit reporting guidelines for creditors to follow during the pandemic.  These guidelines exist to ensure that creditors follow the recently passed CARES Act and accurately report accounts that have been placed on an assistance program.
All three major credit bureaus are now offering free weekly access to your credit report.  Review your credit reports often to ensure that only accurate information is being reported.  


Scholastic – Learn at Home
Education and fun projects for students in pre-k through 9th grade.
Millions of free books, movies, TV shows, music, images, games, software, and more. 

FreeCodeCamp – 450 Free Ivy League Courses Available Online
If you have some free time and want to challenge yourself with a free on-demand, online college course, here are 450 to choose from.  


Have your business hours changed?
Hours for our services remain unchanged.  Our staff and coaches are here and available when you need them.

When will in-person appointments be available again?
Unfortunately, it is not likely we will ever return to in-person coaching again.  We have found that we can create just as successful outcomes virtually as in person, and at least for now, it is the safer alternative.