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Laura Gilbert presents: ‘The Stories We Leave Behind’

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The Stories We Leave Behind is a legacy-based approach to preserving our stories while dealing with the stuff we’ve acquired over a lifetime – an even greater challenge when sorting through things left by a loved one. Rather than asking which items we can live without, The Stories We Leave Behind asks: 

        1. How do I want to be remembered? How did my loved one want to be remembered? 
        2. What themes and stories shape my legacy and the legacy of my loved one? 
        3. How do I want to live today?

In this brief introductory session we’ll explore ways to highlight cherished items that tell a legacy story, identify and address distractors, minimize decisions for your heirs, and reclaim space, time, and energy for you.

Laura Gilbert is a frequent speaker and retired policy analyst. Following The Stories We Leave Behind, Laura published Enough: A Retirement Life That Works for Me on retiring well on a middle-income budget. Follow Laura’s blog here. Laura’s books are available on Amazon, at the Grateful Table in Roseville Minnesota, and in libraries across the country. 


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August 1, 2021
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