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Wings for Widows Speaker Series featuring Miki Speer and Daphne Winston


Miki Speer presents: 'How to Remember Your Loved One in Meaningful Ways' When that hard day comes each year, it is tough to know what to expect. In reality, the days leading up can be equally as hard, perhaps harder, and each year will be different from the next.  However, one thing is for sure […]

Wings for Widows Speaker Series featuring Susie Schultz and Grant Meyer


Susie Schultz presents: 'Living an Intentional Life' We all have good intentions.   However, do you have days that your good intentions go astray.  Poof! They just disappear.  And then you fall into bed at night and ask in bewilderment. “What did I do today?  Was this day filled with even some of what I […]