Your Financial Wellness Check Results

Maureen Revak, FinancialCare Team Member

Thank you for completing the Financial Wellness Check. A copy of your responses and numerical score have been emailed to you (if you do not see the email in your inbox, please check your junk mail folder). Based on your answers, your score range is provided below.

Your score indicates you likely are making some progress since your loss. Compared to many other widowed persons’ responses, you are making less progress than average. You would strongly benefit from working with a volunteer CFP® coach.  

You would be partnered with a Wings for Widows CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional, often called the “gold standard” of financial planning because of their high level of ethics, professionalism, and experience.  Your volunteer coach – your fiduciary – will never charge you or solicit your business, and the confidentiality of your information is guaranteed. 

Would you like to learn more?  We encourage you to take the next step, which is to speak with one of our compassionate FinancialCare™ team members, like Maureen, to learn more.  Please use the calendar below to schedule an appointment.  There is never a cost or obligation to continue.  Our only goal is to help you gain financial clarity and stability during this stressful time.  We have helped hundreds of widowed persons navigate the financial trauma of loss to optimize their outcomes.  We can help you, too!


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