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Grief Exploration


“Grief is not a sign of weakness, nor a lack of faith…It is the price of love.” – Anonymous

The funeral is behind you. Friends and family are getting back to their lives. But you can’t stop thinking about your life and and how it has changed forever. You’re exhausted. The emptiness in your stomach drains you of all energy. The sadness is overwhelming.

At some point it is necessary to address and manage your grief, and you can only do this by understanding all of the emotions that comprise grief. Further, you need to understand that experiencing grief is a process, not a state of mind that you’ll eventually “get through.” Finally, you need to understand how grief affects the mind, body and spirit and the four tasks of mourning.

Because grief is universal and because we all connect on the level of our pain and suffering, it is very important to connect with others who have lost a spouse. We do not offer “mixed grief” sessions; you’ll only be with others who have lost a spouse.

Working in concert with Presbyterian Homes we offer 6-week group sessions for both widows and widowers in a safe and caring environment, led by Jenny Schroedel, an experienced grief counselor. There is a nominal fee for materials. If you commit to the group, we do ask that you attend all six sessions. We purposely keep our group size to about eight.​

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