Peer Listener Inside

Peer Listener Training

We are excited that you have decided to become a Peer Listener! The next step is to provide you with basic training to prepare you for your first conversation. The 30-minute training will include instruction to sharpen your active listening skills, how to use the app, and reporting a conversation. 

Let’s get started. Please click here to begin the training. Make sure you watch ALL of it, which includes the quiz and mock chat (Part 4).

If for some reason you miss or prematurely close out of training, please click here to complete the quiz and mock chat.

Once you have completed all training, HearMe will email you instructions within 24-72 hours to set up your app as a Listener. If you don’t see it, please check your spam folder or contact us.



Q. I’m set up, but where do I enter my availability?

At this time, only Wings for Widows needs your availability. You can share it with us using the form below or contact us by email. Currently, everyone gets notifications and you accept a chat during your availability. 
If notifications are disruptive, utilize your phone’s focus settings (Apple iPhone) when you are not available. Android products have similar settings. Set up properly, you will not receive notifications during your availability period. 
Q. My screen looks different than the screen in the training video. Why?
We are using an older training video to reduce your training from 3+ hours to 30 minutes, so you will see some differences between your screen and the screen in the training video. 

Getting Started

Let’s get you set up. To access your account and to get started on the app, watch this short video.

If you prefer step-by-step instructions, click here.

While in Settings. Make sure to:

  • Select “Topic Coverage” and uncheck the topics that don’t apply to you. If you don’t, you will receive chat requests for all three topics.


Navigating the App (instructions):


Taking Chats From Your Computer:         


HearMe Crisis:


Crisis Contact Numbers and Links:


National Suicide and Crisis Lifeline:

  • Phone: 988


Unsure When to Report a Chat? (Click Here)

Let Us Know!

We’d like to hear from you. When you’d like to adjust your availability period or simply share how things are going, please use this form. You can also drop us a line by sending an email to HearMe@wingsforwidows.org.