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Widow Services


Meet our Widow Advocates, a community of experienced widows who have walked in your shoes. Our Widow Advocates have so much to share with you, or they can just listen. They meet you where you are in your journey and offer comfort and support.

We know how lonely this time may be for you. A home once filled with conversation and laughter is desperately quiet. Maybe the television is on constantly so you don’t feel so alone. Some days you don’t want to talk, don’t have anything to say. The emptiness drains you of energy and interest in anything. Yet, some days you’d love to talk to anyone. If you could just talk to someone who will listen with real understanding and without expectations—if you could tell someone how you really feel! You need someone to tell you that you are not alone. You need to hear everything is going to be okay.

Wings for Widows has experienced widows you can connect with during this difficult time. Our Widow Advocates also suffered the agonizing loss of a spouse and have endured to be able to help you along your journey. They know the pain you’re in, because they’ve walked in your shoes. All communications and conversations are confidential. Would you like to connect with one of our Widow Advocates today? Just complete the form and one of our representatives will reach out to you.

Our financial coaches do what they do best, offer our clients the unique financial insights at the core of Wings for Widows—but there is another role we play, just as important—our Widow Advocates come alongside to offer compassion, a listening ear, and an understanding heart.

Our volunteer widow advocates are at least 2 years into widowhood and, of course, have learned first-hand what it is like to lose a life partner.  We look for women who have been a part of a grief counseling program, who have great listening skills, know how to ask good questions, and are engaged in life again- pursuing their own healing.

These extraordinary women combine compassion with a true sense of calling to share the grief of other widows. Some clients come to us not really needing much help with financial issues, but desperately needing someone to talk to – someone who really “gets it.”  They don’t want to burden their kids or their married friends when they feel like they are falling apart day after day. They just need someone to listen. Someone to tell them they are not going crazy, that they will survive, and it will get better.

We believe that financial coaching MUST walk hand-in-hand with hope.  Hope-giving is the role of Widow Advocates.


Liane shares, “One thing that frustrated me as a new widow was that there were plenty of opportunities, it seemed, to sit around and share sad stories and pass around the Kleenex box.  But at a certain point, I wanted to be pointed forward– to be helped back on my feet and learn ways of coping with my “new normal.”  But that was hard to find!”

Not any longer. Wings for Widows fills this need. Tune in to our Building Community Speaker Series via Zoom.  We have speakers with expertise in grief counseling, self-care, personal coaching and many others.  They share the hour-long call with one of our coaches, who present a financial topic. And it’s free. Watch our event calendar for the next class.


The funeral is behind you. Friends and family are getting back to their lives. But you can’t stop thinking about your life and and how it has changed forever. You’re exhausted. The emptiness in
your stomach drains you of all energy. The sadness is overwhelming. You cry everywhere. It’s the same dread, day after day. If this sounds like you, bereavement counseling may be helpful.

At some point you will need to address your grief, and you can only do this by understanding all of the emotions that comprise grief. You need to understand that experiencing grief is a process, not a state of mind that you’ll eventually “get through.” And you’ll need to understand how grief affects the mind, body, and spirit and how to manage it in your journey.

Working in concert with Presbyterian Homes we offer 6-week group sessions in a safe and caring environment, led by Jenny Schroedel, an experienced grief counselor. There is no fee to attend, of course, but we do ask that you commit to all six sessions. Watch our event calendar for the next class.


Periodically, we offer virtual classes by certified instructors for more intensive focus on topics we believe meet the needs of our clients.  They are limited in size and only for those who have experienced a loss of spouse, so that even in a virtual environment, we believe we will build friendships and support that will last long after the class has been completed. There is usually a small fee. Watch our event calendar for the next class.