Widowed for Longer than 24 Months

Thank you for taking our Financial Wellness Check.  You now know your number, which is a reflection of how much (or little) you’ve progressed with “the practical matters of loss” since your loss.   You will receive an email with a summary of your responses. (Please check your spam folder if you do not receive this shortly.)

However, our comprehensive financial coaching service is tailored to widowed persons who have been widowed within the last 24 months.  Simply, our financial coaching has less value as time passes; most of our coaching clients have been widowed for less than 12 months.  Based on your responses, our coaching service is probably not what you need right now.  We do understand that you may have outstanding questions that we are happy to address.  If this is the case, please click the button below to submit your question(s) and one of our Certified Financial Planners will respond to you within 48 hours.


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We also invite you to visit our Resources page.  Here you will find links to helpful organizations and information to aid you in your journey forward. 



Thank you.