Podcasts Featuring Wings for Widows

The Retirement Answer Man

Nobody wants to face life as a widow or widower. However, it is an unfortunate reality that many must face. Successfully navigating widowhood could be easier if you could prepare yourself in advance. In this Widowed in Retirement series, we aim to do just that. We have a bonus interview with Chris Bentley from Wings for Widows.

Growth Through Grief

What are some of the most common financial challenges for widowers, and how to best avoid and mitigate? This interview with retired Financial Advisor Chris Bentley will provide some of the answers you need to be aware of, avoid and handle some of the most common issues we face in dealing with finances and financial planning after the loss of our spouse.

Podcasts for Widows & Widowers

A Widow's Heart

What does it mean to lose your spouse? How are your children affected? What does it look like for you to make a living as a single parent? How do you cope with deep loneliness? Where is God in the midst of this sorrow?

Peace Restored

What is a boundary? Why is it important? How do you know how to say yes, and when to say no? This week on Seeking Healing, Finding Hope, join Ann Madison and Rebekah Gilmore as they discuss the value of boundaries.

The Widower's Journey

Author Herb Knoll discovered upon losing his wife to cancer, that there were really no support services available to grieving men. Herb’s podcasts feature interviews with widowers and experts, and provides a community for men going through this difficult time.

Widows in Motion

Widows in Motion provides support and connection to men and women worldwide, and offer their RAW (Real Authentic Widows) podcast.

The Embracing Widowhood Podcast is a bi-monthly show where we invite the widowed community, specialists, and healers to share resources and discuss topics to help navigate widowhood.

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